Chief Executive's Massage

I am delighted to inform you that Campaign for Human Rights and Development International (CHRDI) is an independent organisation with enormous long-term growth and development potential. Every year, we will focus on developing consistent advocacy work, education, and independent research to further tap that potential.

Human rights are becoming a more globalised concept. In today's society, many advocacy organisations, including ours, are implementing universal human rights measures and standards to ensure that no one is disadvantaged because of their race, creed, or religious beliefs, among other things.

However, international experience has shown that the existence of these international mechanisms do not necessarily constitute a safeguard against human rights violations. Often, these organisations can only intervene in specific circumstances.

Chief Executive

The right to development is the right to a process of development in which all human rights - economic, social, cultural, civil, and political rights - are realised. An improvement in the realisation of the Right to Development implies that some rights should improve while no rights are violated. Implementing the Right to Development would necessitate the adoption of an economic development policy. It would align policies for individual rights with a programme for economic growth while adhering to human rights standards. Our (3) three-year strategic plan calls for CHRDI to close this gap aggressively. With that said, we will focus on massive advocacy and information activities to raise public awareness of social accountability, promote access to justice, and conflict prevention mechanisms, giving CHRDI a consistent national and international presence.

Finally, we will achieve this goal by collaborating with other like-minded organisations.
Thank you!
Chief Executive