Human Rights & Development International (CHRDI)

is a non-profit, Rights based and public social-policy advocacy organization in Sierra Leone that uses rights-based voice and accountability approaches to bridge the justice and social equity gaps.

We intend to make a concerted effort to improve Sierra Leone's human rights situation.We make every effort to make a positive difference by raising awareness of the human rights situation and allowing victims of rights violations to have their voices heard; all human beings have a right to security and human rights. Human rights and humanity must be protected because they form the foundation of conflict prevention and resolution.

We envision a world in which everyone has access to their human rights and lives with dignity, equality, and justice.

We can improve the world by making violence and discrimination against women, children, youth, and people with disabilities unacceptable.

Since 2015, the UN has continued to recognise CHRDI and had granted it with a Special Consultative Status with the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC).

The six (6) thematic pillars of CHRDI are as follows

Reporting on and monitoring human rights violations & abuses

Monitoring reporting on human rights

Programs for Research on social policies

Justice in the economy and society

Peace and security, reporting on Violence Against Women

Accountability & Governance

The Four (4) core Principles of CHRDI are as follows





One of the primary goals of CHRDI is to ensure the institutionalisation of human rights, democracy, and good governance in Sierra Leone.

CHRDI is also committed to ensuring that state actors and duty-bearers are aware of their obligations to respect citizens' human rights. If they violate such rights, they will be held accountable, and victims will be able to seek appropriate redress.